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We offer comprehensive maintenance services to the entire range of firefighting equipment. Be it basic fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems or highly sophisticated fire pumps and engines, we have the means and capabilities to service and maintain your equipment through our network of highly trained technicians. We provide comprehensive engineering know-how, technical support, installation, inspections, maintenance and repair services. We also work on large annual maintenance contract (AMC). Never again our customers will have to struggle with multiple service providers.


Our Offer includes an extensive range of services such as; AMC and on-call maintenance service for all fire safety systems and equipment sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire pumps, fire extinguishers including inspection, refilling, repair, firehose testing, and re-coupling. Refurbishment and Retrofitting, Supply of (mechanical / fire pump) spare parts, High and low pressure hydrostatic machine and Integrity testing, Testing & commissioning of proprietary systems (ex: FM 200 system / Fire Alarm System), Consultancy on Maintenance and service- Safety Training & Workshop.


If you need service or repair, but can’t spare time or don’t know the certified source, just remember SHIVA FIRE Maintenance Division. We have a strong certified, technical team ready to move any time of day. They will visit your site to inspect, diagnose, and repair the equipment. If needed, we will move the equipment to our premises in record time in order to start the maintenance work.


Since malfunctioning equipment can affect your productivity and profitability we want to minimize your downtime. So whether we fix your equipment at our in-house service centre or at your site you can expect speedy repairs. We have the knowledge, tools and manpower to offer you quick turnaround.
With SHIVA FIRE Maintenance Division you’ll never experience any nasty surprises. Before we start working we issue a guaranteed, upfront quotation.


Our call centre is ready to take your call 24/7/365. We have 20 fulltime technical communicators on hand to give you technical support whenever you need it. Gain access to information and support on a range of topics including servicing tips, maintenance and diagnostic procedures.


Most of our spare parts are available in our stock since we are the manufacturer and we have large warehouse spaces which allows us to maintain our stock and ensure availability all times. We have dedicated maintenance machining resources to deliver a better service and improved quality.



We offer a free, no obligation, Site Survey, whereby our engineer will visit your establishment and carry out a full health check of your fire protection. We can then ascertain the overall quality of your equipment and provide a full quotation.


Upon agreement of the quotation, we can usually carry out the service straight away, to ensure that you are fully compliant to the current standard, alternatively we can make suitable arrangements to come back at another time if preferred.