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APFC (Automatic Power Factor Correction) Panels are an advanced product that can achieve the desired power factor under fluctuating load conditions in power plants, steel rolling mills this link, sugar plants, cement plants, chemical plants, dairy plants, Textile, sugar, Hospital, Automobile, and building segment, etc.

With the ever-rising cost of electricity, power management, and efficiency are essential for all organizations. Automatic Power Factor Correction or APFC panels are electrical control panels used for this purpose.

Various types of APFC panels are available, designed to suit different electrical needs. Here’s a list of commonly used APFC panels
  • APFC Panels with Fixed Capacitors: These panels are used in electrical systems with stable load profiles with constant reactive power demand. APFC panels with fixed capacitors maintain the desired power factor by switching a fixed bank of capacitors on and off as required.
  • Thyristor Switched APFC Panel: This type of APFC panel is used in electrical systems with varying load profiles and fluctuating reactive power demands. In thyristor-switched APFC panels, capacitors are connected through thyristors that switch the capacitors on and off based on the reactive power demand.
  • Hybrid APFC Panel: These panels combine fixed capacitors and thyristor-switched APFCs to provide a constant power factor in electrical systems with a variable load profile.
  • APFC Panels with Detuned Filter Types: These panels are used when there is harmonic distortion in an electrical system, which can cause equipment failure, resonance, or overheating. A detuned filter-type APFC panel consists of capacitors and reactors that filter out harmonic distortion and maintain a stable power factor.
  • Multiple-Step APFC Panel: In electrical systems with high reactive power demands, a multiple-step APFC panel may not be enough to maintain the desired power factor if a single capacitor bank is not sufficient. APFC panels with multiple steps switch on and off capacitor banks according to reactive power requirements, each with a different KVAR rating.

We offer APFC panels with advanced microcontroller-based Power Factor controllers with Self-diagnostic Sensing and Control of Capacitor Bank Stages. This panel consists of capacitor duty contractors for reliable & trouble-free operation.

To manage heat load properly, this thoughtfully designed panel comes with louvers and a cooling fan.