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Closed Circuit Television systems or CCTV cameras are widely used across to safeguard essential space settings. Analog Surveillance systems capture an analog video signal and transfer these signals over a coax cable to the digital video recorder. Each camera is supported by the power supply and the captured analog signals are all transmitted to the DVR, which converts the analog signals into data and then compresses the file to store them in the systems. For live surveillance, the DVR is, in turn, is connected to monitors from which security personnel monitors the process. These video signals can also be broadcasted using the internet. A person away from these analog cameras could also look at the video of a place through Analog surveillance systems.


Analog Security Cameras are installed according to the extent of area and angle of coverage in a required place. At Godwin we provide a wide range of products and services for the installation of analog cameras. This would also enable you to safeguard places from thefts, mishaps or vandalism.


These analog security cameras are additionally loaded with adequate features such as pan, tilt, zoom, varifocal lenses or long-distance infra-red viewing options that enable the systems to capture high-quality video footage.