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The purpose of an Addressable Public Address (PA) System is to provide precise and targeted communication within specific zones or areas of a building or facility. Addressable PA systems allow operators or automatic systems to direct announcements or messages to particular locations, floors, or departments as needed. This targeted communication is valuable in large and complex environments. Addressable PA systems enhance communication efficiency, reduce confusion, and improve overall coordination during emergencies and regular operations.


System  Components:

The Addressable Fire Emergency Public Address System consists of Addressable speakers with beacons, Addressable driver modules, the Control Panel, and 2x 1.5 sqmm copper cable. The speakers are strategically positioned throughout the building to facilitate communication during emergencies.


Speaker Module Overview:

In our Addressable Speaker System, a 2-core cable links the control panel and field devices, serving multiple functions including power delivery and transmission of control, monitoring, and audio signals.

The Addressable Speaker Drivers Module serves as the vital link between the signal bus, detecting control panel commands (such as ON, OFF, and health checks) and receiving audio signals from the bus. It features a built-in audio amplifier to drive the speaker.


Flexibility to use Third-Party Speaker:

For enhanced performance and flexibility, users can integrate higher capacity speakers, ceiling mount speakers, horn speakers, or flame-proof speakers from external sources with our Addressable Speaker Drivers Module.


Addressable Speaker with Light:

Our standard Addressable Speaker unit with integrated lighting features a 5-watt speaker and add-on lighting for alert and emergency escape and evacuation purposes.


Addressable Talkback Speaker:

Additionally, the Addressable Talkback Speaker utilizes the same built-in driver module for both PA and Talkback functionalities.


Control Panel Features:
  • Interactive TFT display with touch screen control.
  • Two-wire system for power, data , forward and reverse audio signaling.
  • Power supply management system.
  • Password security.
  • Event logging system.
  • Short circuit Protection .