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Our range of products include cnc wood carving machine, cnc hd pattern making machine, dh-2x3 cnc wood carving machine, double head cnc wood carving machine and servo cnc marble engraving.


With CNC wood carving machine, the operator just has to set up the design to be carved, insert the material into the machine and machine does its work. All the functions of the machine are computer controlled and the end piece generated is accurate and precise. Masterpieces can be developed with this machine. CNC router provided by us is a computer controlled cutting machine used in industries and workshops for cutting materials, like wood, plastic, aluminum, foams, etc. In carpentry shops, this single machine can perform the tasks of several machines, such as spindle moulder, boring machine and panel saw. The CNC pattern making machine provided is widely used for 2D cutting and 3D engraving in pattern and wooden industries. The machine is known for its performance, rigidity and tensile strength.
Key Points:
  • Using CNC router machine, the companies can improve productivity and produce quality and consistent work.
  • No errors are produced and waste is reduced with this machine.
  • CNC router can produce furniture, musical instruments, wooden frames, wood panels, door carving, molding, etc.
  • CNC router are provided in 3 axis and 5 axis configurations.