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We provide electrical design services starting from the blueprints of the electrical systems to schematic electrical panel design. Our team helps building designers in planning integrated electrical systems while focusing on various aspects of construction when developing plans, from structure to layout to safety to plumbing. As electrical design is among the most critical stages of construction, we ensure the accuracy of electrical layout designs so that the building functions as intended.


The electrical design services offered by Godwin allow you to work with an experienced team of electrical engineers that has expertise in relevant software and electrical design practices. If you lack the time, the knowledge, or the computational power to effectively design electrical systems into your building models, we can step in.


When discussing electrical design services, there are numerous offerings that we can offer to your project to help it come to fruition. A few example offerings from our electrical design services include:


3D modeling of complete electrical systems in buildings: Now that building design all takes place in 3D software, integrating your electrical designs directly into those models will highlight problems early and offer opportunities for solutions. we will take your existing building model and design the electrical systems directly in that file.


CAD blueprint designs integrating electrical systems: While the 3D models are critical, displaying them via CAD blueprints is still just as relevant as ever. Our team is trained at how to integrate electrical system designations within these types of blueprints to ensure you and your client can track the appropriate wiring. 


Schematic creation for electrical panels: Keeping track of electrical systems, where different connections are located, and how it all comes together in the electrical panel is critical. We’ll make sure to create an easy to follow and clear schematic for your building’s electrical panels.


Electrical load simulations: Building out where the electrical systems will go is only half the battle, but simulating what the load is on various aspects of the system is essential to actual operating of your electrical system design. we will run appropriate simulations to answer all of these questions.


Full power distribution system analysis: From the point power comes from the grid to the transformer on your building’s site to the outlet in your wall, the Godwin electrical design services process will analyze the necessary power loads, plan for worst-case scenarios, and ensure your building isn’t overloaded and the lights can stay on.